Don't Forget to Soak Your Dentures.

Every night. For the rest of your life.

Instead, Get a New Smile!

Put an end to suffering through pain, embarrassment, and feeling held back from eating your favorite foods, laughing out loud, and a renewed sense confidence. Get the smile you deserve and get back to living your best life!

Cast aside the sticky, messy denture adhesive. Don't worry spilling your teeth-in-a-glass on your bedside table.

Advanced Dental Implant Center brings together the industry’s leading implant doctors as well as the latest technology, IV sedation or anesthesia, and state-of-the-art dental lab, all under one roof, to deliver a life-changing smile transformation.

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Why Choose Advanced Dental Implant Center

  • Over 25,000 Dental Implants Performed

  • Board Certified Implant Surgeons

  • 1,000+ All-On-4™ Procedures Performed

  • 99.13% Dental Implant Success Rate

  • IV Sedation Available

  • On-Site Dental Lab for Same Day Teeth

  • Warranty for All-On-4 Teeth

  • Severe bone loss solutions (Zygomatics)

  • Only the Best Dental Implant Technology

  • In-House Zirkonzahn™ M4 Mill Machine

  • In-House Zirkonzahn™ CAD-CAM

  • In-House Zirkonzahn™ Face Scanner

  • Sirona™ Galileos CAT-SCAN

  • Ostell™ Digital Implant Tester

  • Multiple Biologic Growth Factors

  • In-House Laboratory Technicians

Real Patients. Real Reviews.

The Advanced Dental Implant Center team are miracle workers! I went to 4 other dental offices and each one told me that my situation was hopeless. The healing from the surgery was much easier than I anticipated. I just got my permanent set of teeth the other day and I really could not believe it. To think that for years all I ever heard was that nothing was possible and now I have real teeth thanks to Advanced Dental Implant Center. I am forever grateful to this team!

- Faith E. - San Diego, CA

Dr. Holtzclaw and his entire staff are simply the best. I've had extensive work done at Advanced Dental Implant Center and highly recommend them. For each procedure I was made comfortable (before, during and after), and the outcome was life-altering. It's been a pleasure to work with this group of professionals.

- Deb C. - Austin, TX

I am so glad that I found Advanced Dental Implant Center. For 32 years, I lived with an upper plate. I had lived with that hunk of plastic in mouth for so long that I forgot what it was like to feel the roof of my mouth. I forgot how food tasted without a denture getting in the way. Food tastes completely different (better!) without a denture. My confidence has gone through the roof! I feel like a new person! Now that I finally have my implants, my eyes have been opened to what is possible in my life! You have given me back my life.

- Angel R. - Phoenix, AZ

Lora's story

I feel like a completely new person

Maria's story

Cancer destroyed my teeth and confidence (Spanish)

Frank's story

It had gotten so bad I had to do something

Travis' story

I was able to get both arches replaced in 1-day

Dental Implant Costs & Financing

Dental implant fees can vary due to each patient’s specific dental needs. Many factors contribute to the total cost of dental implants, including:

  • How many teeth need to be replaced?

  • Is bone grafting needed?

  • Is IV Sedation Needed?

  • What type of Restoration or Teeth will be used?

Our Free Consultation will help us personalize your treatment plan and provide for you the following:

  • Ballpark pricing for 1 or more treatment options

  • Information on insurance benefits

  • How to instantly qualify for financing

  • Average time to complete treatment

  • Payment plans up to 90-months

  • 0% Financing options

  • “Pay as You Go” plans available

Our Dental Implant Advisors can walk you through various treatment options at different price points so you can be sure to find something that will meet your needs.

Advanced Dental Implant Center are part of a professional affiliation of dental implant practices operated by oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, and restorative dentists. With the specialized techniques used by Advanced Dental Implant Center, such as zygomatic and pterygoid implants, nearly all patients qualify for same day dental implants from a dental perspective. Prospective patients require an initial workup that includes an oral examination, 3D radiographic evaluation, and medical history consultation. Some patients with certain medical histories may not qualify for surgical treatment. “Teeth-in-a-day”, “one day implant teeth”, “same day implant teeth”, etc. refers to the fact that on the day of surgery, patients will have teeth removed (unless all teeth are already missing, dental implants placed, and a screw retained prosthesis secured to these implants on the same day as the surgery. While this first set of teeth are permanent in the fact that they are secured to the dental implants by screws, these teeth are typically not the final set of teeth as the patient will be allowed to heal prior to the delivery of the final set of teeth. Furthermore, the patient will be allowed to suggest desired changes to the initial set of teeth prior to the fabrication of the final set of teeth. The initial set of screw retained implant teeth are permanent in the fact that they are not removable by the patient and can only be removed by personnel in a dental office. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime depending on the age of the patient when the implants were originally placed. Studies show that dental implants can last over 25 years with proper home care and regular professional maintenance.

Disclaimer: All-On-4™ is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare. Although Dan Holtzclaw has lectured for Nobel Biocare™ and the company has used his name and images of his surgeries in their brochures and on their website, Nobel Biocare™ does not endorse or sponsor Dr. Dan Holtzclaw.